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Guangzhou Jingli Building Materials Co.,Ltd. is a professional company which produces high intensity SMC cable-holders,high intensity resin synthetic material cable ditch manhole covers,synthetic material grid/grate,glass fibre pultrusion profiles and synthetic die mould.It is one of the branches of Guangzhou Sungain Copper Cable Products Co.,Ltd.It has the capability of producing 10 million pcs of glass fibre reinforced synthetic material(SMC) cable-holders,20 thousand square metres of synthetic materials cable ditch manhole covers and 250 thousand sets of synthetic drainage grid/grate.Our main products are SMC cable-holders,which are made from SMC materials in a special mould under the pressure of 300 tons in the temperature  of 145 degree.They have the characteristics of never rust,nice electrical insulating proformance and high intensity.They are especially suitable to be used in cable ditches in coastal areas,damp and dark places.They are the best substitute of angle cable-holders.They can last around 50 years. 

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